Real Madrid vs Barcelona Match Ratings La Liga 2016/2017

منذ 3 سنوات - - مقال

Real Madrid (Home Team)

Keylor Navas: 9

Best player in his team with too much saves in a very sensitive time specially the one in the 6 yard with Pique gives the chance to his team to get back in the game.

Carvajal: 5.5

Moderate level of attacking but too much long passes in his back.

Nacho: 6.5

Appears with a very aggressive attitude, wins all common balls with Suarez and make a very good covering.

Sergio Ramos: 4.5

Always add a positive impact in cross passes with his special follow and header balls, but actually still have a tremendous faults like a player in the youth team lead to a red card.

Marcelo: 6.5

Light a spark for the 1st goal, assist the 2nd goal but fitness goes down according to the successive matches.

Casemiro: 5

Gains a naive yellow card in the 1st half of the match leads him the rest of the match to be afraid from the red one.

Luka Modriç: 5.5

Amazing shot on target with his left leg. A very weak cover on Carvajal.

Toni Kroos: 5.5

Same as Modriç but with a lack of pressure on Barcelona players.

Gareth Bale: -

Unrated because of the early injury.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 6

Nervous performance leads to zero goals with only three shots on target all the 92 minute and a brilliant save from Śtegen.

Karim Benzema: 6.5

A very good moves on the pitch with one bad luck header also a brilliant save to Śtegen.

Asensio: 6.5

A very hopeful talent with a confident character. Replaces Gareth Bale with a good add to the wing left position.

Kovaciç: 5

Substitute Casemiro after Ramos red card in a very hard time.

James Rodriguez: 7

A good appearance after along time absence with an amazing goal.

Barcelona (Away Team)

Ter Śtegen: 9.5

Man of the match goes to him with the contribution of Messi. A very sensitive saves in critical times lead to the today's win. Two goals with zero responsibility against him.

Pique: 8

An amazing header with a cross ball. But Navas makes a horrible save. Another unexpected move from a defender leads to be face to face with Navas. A professional save against cross pass from Carvajal. 

Umtiti: 6.5

Too much fouls specially with Ronaldo in the beginning of the match was to be a penalty but the referee had rescued him.

Jordi Alba: 7

One assist Also not in his top form but still had his attacking role that gave him an added value but a weak defending performance today

Sergio Roberto: 6.5

An absence all over the match except a sprint in the 91 minute leads to the 3rd goal.

Busquets: 6.5

Still suffers from his injury and did not perform his brilliant role to mess up the attacking opponent.

Rakitiç: 8.5

A brilliant goal with an amazing shot. Make a good support to the attacking players and tried a lot to make short passes to increase ball possession.

Inesta: 6.5

Up and down performance during the 92 minute but still the source of confidence to all team with his talented ball control.

Alcacer: 6

A huge difference between Neymar but misses a face to face chance with Navas.

Suarez: 7

One of the best strikers but Nacho had made a great match.

Lionel Messi: 9.5

The best talented player in the world. A midfielder, playmaker, Wing Right and sometimes a Striker gives his team the plus to win any difficult match specially when the opponet team plays an open match. Two goals in the match lead to win a three points and may be to win La Liga.

Andre Gomes: - unrated

Not enough time to be rated.